Today I proudly present you the first track of Lambdoma: "Trondheim Nights". This is my first track after a 12 year break from electronic music production. Special thanks go to Jenny Limbach for the super nice artwork and to Erik Rettig (ASKII) for his ears and mixing skills. I hope you enjoy this little trip. ;-)
"Trondheim Nights" on Soundcloud!



Lambdoma is a reference to a particular psychophysical and philosophical view of the tonal nature of the universe. The Lambdoma is since ancient times also an important tool for the right proportioning of multi-dimensional works whose purpose is to evoke universal resonance in the perceiving subject.

I encountered this highly underrated department of harmonics during my youth, when I was intensively producing subcultural music like drum'n'bass, trip-hop and hip-hop. As one of the few fields of knowledge that does not split, divide, and categorize the world and its phenomena, but allows it to be understood as an integrated whole through analogies, the Harmonic and its Lambdoma have captivated me again and again.

With my music, I want to follow exactly this basic theme and interweave the many inspirations, influences and complex inner impulses to something new indivisible without having to renounce the well-ordered principles of harmony. First and foremost I want to get in resonance with myself. That's my main concern. But if listeners start enjoying my music, that would be a nice side effect and I would be very happy about that. Also, I'm grateful for any kind of support - be it financial, artistic or otherwise. If you want to do that, just listen to my music on Spotify (release scheduled). Like or repost the tracks on Soundcloud or buy the songs at Bandcamp. Music production is time consuming and very costly and I am grateful for any return of energy that I can put into further projects.

Special thanks go to Erik Rettig (Askii Music), who through his continued support made it possible for me to re-enter the electronic music production after so many years of artistic absence.

Thank you for listening.
Enjoy your life.

Robert Otto, 2018


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